Whether your water feature is a tranquil reflection pond or a sculptural work of art, you may never truly appreciate all it has to offer until it glows by night. So, here’s two recommendations that could help you achieve the light play you long for.

Submerged lighting – If your water feature boasts clear water (ie not a murky pond) then it is a good idea to consider underwater lights. When placed in the right location – such as beneath a waterfall – the underwater glow can create a magical ambience.

However, be warned, solid copper or Stainless steel fittings from a trusted manufacture are the only way to go.

Landscape lighting – Complement your submerged lights with landscape lighting placed nearby. When directed to skim across the water’s surface, or highlight artistic elements of your water feature, the light can showcase depth and detail that previously lay unseen.

Just remember, less is more! Think softly glowing and not glaring hotspot.

More questions? Feel free to get in touch if you would like a little help.

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