What’s in and what’s out in landscape lighting trends in 2018

Thinking about adding new life to your garden this year? To help you, here’s our take on what’s next, what’s staying and what’s out in 2018 lighting trends.

IN: Soft-toned light fittings

2018 is loving soft-toned light fittings. In the outdoors, soft tones work well in bronze and copper (not brass) and it’s even better if you install the sort of quality fittings that patina over time.

Powder-coated, matt finishes are also on trend, rather than the traditionally-used gloss or semi-gloss finishes, because these blend into the natural colours of the gardens.

What you need to get the look – Bronze or copper spike lights.

IN: Portable table lamps

Once just the staple of restaurants, the portable table lamp has found its use within residential properties too. It’s an easy solution in areas of the garden where fixed lighting is hard to install or could be costly. It also adds ambience, is a great alternative to candlelight and doubles as decoration too.

What you need to get the look – rechargeable lamps.

STAYING: LED, of course.

LED lighting is a practical trend predictably continuing in 2018. While the upfront costs do tend to be higher, the overall energy costs are considerably lower when calculated over lifespan. They also require minimal maintenance, which can be a big cost saver over the short and long term.

What you need to get the look – high-quality outdoor LED light fittings

STAYING: Minimalism

The minimalism trend continues in 2018 and is getting easier to achieve in the garden as the design of light fittings simplifies and decreases in size. Technology is also giving us greater control over the amount of light and colour they emit.

If you want to nail the minimalist trend, install hidden light sources.

What you need to get the look – recessed fittings installed within garden paths

OUT: Outdoor Edison bulbs

A little overdone, the Edison bulb is on its way out. Once exposed filament indicated style and probably meant you were visiting a cocktail bar. Now mass-produced, self-installed Edison Bulbs on a string have taken exposure to a new level.

The design is also renowned for producing minimal useful light in a very low colour temperature (I.e. they cast an orange glow) and for its energy guzzling tendencies, so do yourself a favour and move on in 2018.

What you need to get the look – replace Edison bulbs with hanging tree lights.



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